JBL computer speakers יד שניה / יד 2 למסירה בפתח תקווה (ישראל)


JBL computer speakers

לפני 13 ימים | פתח תקווה עוד David Wolffsohn הצגה במפה
Excellent quality and really stylish looking speakers, JBL brand. I paid a good amount of money for them and had them for a few years, and am offering them now for free since I got my HK sound sticks back from various sons who were using those... :-)
I lately had an issue with one of the speakers preventing sound output, but I suspect that was more of an issue with my PC, not with the speakers themselves. If it is the speaker itself, it should be something minor and easy to fix. The speaker with the volume control has a small dent on top.
Pick-up only from my house in Petah Tiqwa, Ein Ganim/David Wolffsohn area, the sooner the better.
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