Privacy policy

General terms

  • undertakes not to disclose the details of the users and their activity on the Website to any third party, except in cases where an illegal, immoral act or violation of the Code of Ethics has been committed by the user.
  • Phone number or email is not required to be displayed next to the items listings. In this case, the internal messaging system of the site may be used and you can remain anonymous.
  • Email addresses of the users are kept hidden.

Google account data usage

If you register to the website using a Google account sign-in, the website will save the following data: First Name, Last Name, Email, Photo. You will be able to change or remove them at any time

Importing contacts
If you use your Google account to import friends, only the Email addresses of the contacts you choose as friends will be saved to the system. These addresses will be used to find your friends who are already registered to GiveNtake and those that will register in the future.

Google ads

Giventake displays Google advertisements that tell Google that you visited so that they can tailor the ads to your interests.
You can read Google's privacy policy at this link, and even set Google not to collect information about the sites you visit by clicking the opt-out button on the top right of the linked page.