Term and conditions


GiveNTake reserves the right to change the wording of the regulations from time to time if necessary. 

The provisions of these terms apply to any user who signs up for the "GiveNTake" site. 
If this policy is not acceptable to you, please do not register to the site

Use of the site is free of charge.


Receive e-mail from the website

As part of the site's activities, GiveNTake provides the users with various services via e-mail, 
including: message alerts, sending a birthday greeting, a daily overview of the items on the site, newsletters and more ... 
Some of the newsletters may contain advertising material from us or from external advertisers
If you are not interested in these services, you can stop them at any time through the "Information and Alerts" page on your personal page or by asking us. 
However, in special and / or extreme circumstances related to the conduct of the site, we may contact you by email.


Use of the site

  • Ads for sale: Do not advertise objects on the site for sale, and do not ask for payment for the objects offered, even if no price is published. In addition, it is not possible to require the delivery of the object for another object, you cannot require trading one object for another.
  • Unusual ads: The ad publisher must be behind the ad they posted. Do not publish ads that do not you do not intend to deliver or request an object you do not intend to receive.
  • Advertising ads: Do not advertise services or products on the site unless they are offered for free.

The GiveNTake team considers itself responsible for the content posted on the site, and makes efforts to keep it appropriate to the site’s values. 
However, the responsibility for the use of the site and the exposure to the content displayed therein is the sole responsibility of the user. 
If you encounter an inappropriate ad, report it to us through the "Inappropriate Ad" button in the ad body. 

GiveNTake reserves the right to remove any content posted on the website by its users and to cancel or not allow the use of the site by any person.


 GiveNTake’s policy on the subject of donating time and experience

In order to post an ad under the category "Contribution of time and experience," it must meet the following criteria:

  1. The ad cannot be a display ad and the ad body cannot place a website address.
  2. The ad should explain exactly what service is provided free of charge.
  3. The ad should contain the word "free" or "free of charge" or "for no consideration", and in the context of the service provided.
  4. In general, the ad in the project is not allowed to be discriminatory (ie, conditioning the provision of the service to one person or another according to ethnic affiliation, sex, economic situation, sector, etc.). In the “Time and Experience Contribution” category, there are the following exceptions:
    • Because a service is something that is being repeated over and over again, one can define that he wants to devote his time only to needy people who have an "objective" status (such as soldiers, students, the disabled, pensioners, single-parent families, etc.). A general definition of "needy" is not permitted, since it is impossible to distinguish objectively who is needy and who is not.
  5. When it comes to providing more intimate services, such as massage, shiatsu, etc., a man cannot offer his service to women, and a woman cannot offer the service to men. The ad must also be explicitly listed as a caregiver or caregiver, and the treatment is intended for men or women accordingly.
  6. If the service includes costs on the part of the service provider, it is permitted to ask for the cost price only (raw materials, spare parts, fuel ...)
  7.  In offering a trucking service, you can ask for the vehicle's wear as part of the cost price.
  8. In offering treatment / training / training services, at least 3 meetings must be offered without a free commitment, so that this will not be considered self-advertising.


 GiveNTake Policy on object trading

In general, we do not see trading objects from the site as a negative thing, because this is also the way the project is achieved: 
objects that lie unused have a new use, the buyer obtains them at a cheaper price, the merchant finds another way to make a living from objects that the sellers did not intend to sell in the first place everyone. 
The problem begins when traffickers are motivated to get things from other users on the site by intensive exploitation of new objects offered for delivery to the site. 

Therefore, conditions were set for trading objects from the GiveNTake site:

  • Any person who wishes to trade objects on the GiveNTake site is obliged to send a request to the site staff and to receive approval from us. The application must be accompanied by the e-mail address with which he registered to the site and their telephone number.
  • The person may request to receive only objects that are on the site over a week or objects in the body of the ad stating that the object should be delivered / vacated immediately.
  • The person must inform the owner of the object that they wish to sell it to the initial request, in order to ensure that it is in the order of the owner of the object.

A person who trades objects from the site contrary to the terms set forth in the regulations will be suspended from the site, and may also expose himself to a legal claim.


 GiveNTake project policy regarding the delivery of prescription drugs

Due to the fear of health harm due to improper use of prescription drugs, the GiveNTake does not allow the advertising of non-prescription drugs as well as prescription drugs.



GiveNTake undertakes not to disclose the details of the users of the site to any third party, except in cases where an illegal or moral act has been committed by the user. 
The email addresses displayed on the site are protected from search engine robots and spidering software. 

We take appropriate security measures to protect against unauthorized access to users' personal information. 
However, information systems may be prone to information breaches and leakage, and we take responsibility for handling any malfunctions that arise as soon as possible. 
Users should know that they have to keep their confidential information in their possession, and in case they entrust it to someone else they must recognize its limitations. 

Also in GiveNTake are advertisements from Google, who report to Google that you visited the GiveNTake site so that they can tailor the advertisements to your interests. You can read Google's privacy policy 
at the following linkand even let Google not collect information about the sites you visit by clicking the opt-out button on the top right of the next page .



At the GiveNTake website advertisements are advertised only for the purpose of which the service, product, or company does not cause harm to the company and the environment, as detailed in the " Beneficiary Advertising Charter ".


 Code of Ethics

The entire GiveNTake project is based on the good will of its participants. In the spirit of this atmosphere, we present you with a code of ethics, which will ensure the use of the website.

  •  People give away things of their own accord -this is not at all obvious. Be sure with the object that the object and condition match what you are looking for, and if you decide to take it, do not judge it based on its condition.
  •  Coordination of the transfer of the object - Although there are people who are ready and willing to assist in the transport for delivery of the object however, the responsibility for the transfer of the object is first and foremost the recipient’s.
  • Reference to abundance - sharing objects is a way that offers abundance to all of us. Getting the things we need or want is a welcome act. Take everything you need or want from those with an abundance. What you do not really need or want, leave to others.
  • Appropriate ads - GiveNTake is a platform for free giving. Please do not post sale ads, replacement ads, delivery ads with a "nominal price", advertising ads, or ads offering an object to deliver. Appropriate to the spirit of the site, informed to us through the button "Ad inappropriate" in the body of the ad, and we will download the ad.
  • Be honest - to hand over objects is certainly commendable, but when posting ads, make sure that the condition of the object described in the ad corresponds to the state of the object in your hand, because if not, you may insult and disappoint the recipient of the object.  Although the objects are free, they should not be accepted with mixed feelings. So be honest, and describe in the ad the true state of the object so that there will be no surprises, one way or the other.
  • Smile - This project demonstrates to us the good aspects of human beings. Whenever you contact someone else, whether it's a message, an email mail, via phone, or a face-to-face, do it kindly and with a smile.
  • Express your gratitude - As stated in the first section, it is not at all obvious that people give things of their own accord. Be sure to thank the person who gave you something without asking for anything in return. You can confess verbally or through a symbolic gift, and you can even send a nice greeting card.

Have fun for all of us!

Project Team GiveNTake